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Cellular Blinds

Our cellular blinds are the ideal way to have all year round comfort. These honeycomb shaped blinds not only look great but provide excellent insulation. Giving privacy to your rooms they even assist with reducing sound and they make a stylish solution for any room.

The honeycomb shaped cells trap air, helping to keep a more constant indoor temperature which assist with your energy costs. These quality Cellular blinds are durable and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, plus there are minimal light gaps on the sides and when retracted are very streamlined and compact, taking up only minimal space in your window. Talk to the Skyworld team about Cellular Blinds for your home.


Saved Energy

With extra insulation our cellular blinds help to reduce energy costs.


Block UV Rays

Block harmful UV rays while still letting some natural light in.


These cellular blinds help keep your indoor areas a more constant temperature.


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