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Crank Driven Verandah Blinds

Our verandah blinds are perfect for the verandah, patio, pergola or any outside entertainment area. Our verandah blinds are designed to enhance your lifestyle and maximise your outdoor living time so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family. They help protect your outdoor area from sun, glare and rain and add privacy and are easy to operate.

Verandah blinds not only offer sun protection but also reduce the temperature of your outdoor area. Our verandah blinds are an economical and effective option where predominantly sun protection and a limited amount of weather is required and they DO NOT seal to the sides like our Ziptrak blinds. They are an ideal solution for tricky spots where there is no post to fix to.

Our verandah blinds can span widths of up to 5m and the crank blind system is particularly useful for areas that have no post to affix to. The blind is wound up and down via a gearbox and crank handle and clipped into place when required. They make a great solution for those tricky areas of your patio or verandah but when you still require shade and sun protection.

Available in a range of colours, our team custom fit our verandah blinds for your home to ensure they look great. The Skyworld team can give a free quote for these fantastic verandah blinds. Professionally installed, these blinds will quickly have your outdoor area looking amazing and the wide span means the versatility to suit nearly every home.



With a great range of colours our verandah blinds match nicely with your home.


Block UV Rays

Block harmful UV rays while still letting some natural light in.

Easy to Operate

Our verandah blinds are easy to wound with the crank handle.


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