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Our Window Awnings

Window awnings are an outdoor extension over a door or a window which helps to protect it from the elements. They give charm and character to your house and look fantastic. As the window awnings provide shade from the harsh sun, they are also a great way of reducing your home energy costs and protecting your home’s interior, as well as helping to insulate your home and keep the warm air indoors in Winter.

Our window awnings are available in traditional canvas fabric in a wide range of colours or for a more contemporary look, check out our shade mesh fabrics. These fabrics allow you to beat the heat whilst still enjoying your view. All our window awnings are custom designed for your home and professionally installed, to ensure our awnings not only look great but that they are functional.

These window awnings are an economical and cost effective product and are fitted by professional installers. Our awnings are designed to be long-lasting, low-maintenance, easy to use and come in a variety of colours to ensure that they suit any homes exterior. Enjoy the protection on your house by getting Skyworld Blinds out for a free quote on your home. Enjoy reduced energy costs as well by blocking the sun in summer and allowing it inside in winter.


Saved Energy

Blocking the sun in summer and allowing it in in winter reduces energy costs.

Block UV Rays

Block harmful UV rays while still letting some natural light in.

Easy to Operate

A simple operation makes shading your home very efficient.


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